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    Making of the Comedy Cafe exterior and interior design

    Overview   Process  

    Six months before opening

    This is how the place looked.

    Site at the Rio Mall

    The client asked to keep the steel shelves.

    Dimensions plan

    One week later

    First series of drafts.

    Comedy Cafe is to have an outstanding stage, the kind that really stands out, even further than the cafe itself

    And the restroom are to go inside elevators

    First stage

    Five months before opening


    Stage. Side view

    Bar counter. Second floor can be seen through the glass ceiling

    Kitchen wall with a layer cake illustration

    Four months before opening

    Construction works began.

    Would-be kitchen

    Works in full swing

    Welding bars for the glass floor

    Three months before opening

    Working on details.

    Floor finishing

    Bar area elements

    Draft design for the theme corner

    Selecting materials for tables

    Two months before opening

    Works continued.

    Floor downstairs ready

    Next, wall painting

    Path to the restrooms

    One month before opening

    Design drafts for the facade.

    Version with Comedy Club residents holding it on their shoulders like Atlas

    Masking the famous characters to reduce fees

    Three weeks before opening

    Finishing works.

    Layer cake image applied onto the wall

    No problem meeting the deadline!

    Cafe name sign mounted

    Twenty days before opening

    Going into detail.

    Items for the first floor

    For the second floor

    Materials descriptions

    Some project documents

    Neon sign drafts



    Five hours before opening

    Last touches.





    November 20, 2009, 8.59 a.m.

    We are open, welcome!

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