CSKA ice hockey club logo and corporate identity

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to create a corporate identity.

CSKA is the symbol of Russian and Soviet ice hockey, the country’s oldest club whose history is closely intertwined with the history of the sport itself, home to a plethora of legendary players and dozens of Olympic champions. A logo and a corporate identity for the club were created at the studio.

Traditional logo

The red and blue star and the letters CSKA arranged in a characteristic step-like pattern resemble of the traditional text on club uniforms of the 1970—1980s. The shape of the star has acquired the classic outline.


The shield-shaped emblem created for CSKA in the 1960s was also updated. The silhouette of the shield is supported by two hockey sticks.

The emblem exists in two variants, red and white
The emblem exists in two variants, red and white

For the first time in the club’s history it now has a mascot, the Horse in the club’s signature colors.

Other elements of the style retain the star geometry which establishes style consistency.

The logo, the emblem and the mascot are actively used on various media from jerseys and the club bus to advertising posters and souvenirs.


All three symbols are used in the design of the uniforms. The main logo with the star is placed on the chest.

Following an old tradition, the club’s emblems can also be found on the numbers on the back. The club’s emblems can also be found on the numbers on the back.

The mascot appears on the uniforms as a traditional hockey shoulder patch.

The mascot appears on the uniforms as a shoulder patch.


Corporate patterns were created for use in the design of documents, navigation and souvenirs.

Red and blue stripe pattern

Hockey stick pattern

Additional English-language logo with the club founding date was created for use on sweatshirts and t-shirts

Rules for the use of the corporate identity elements, colors and typefaces are given in the guide.

designer and chief typesetter

designer and typesetter


type designer


project manager

  • The studio wishes to thank Elena Nosova and Irina Kabetova for their help with the project