CSKA Hockey Club communication strategy and key visual 2020-2024

Task: to come up with a key visual for a team for the next four sports seasons.

CSKA is the most decorated club in Russian hockey.

Many loyal fans of the club remember the glorious history of the team. But now the time has come to win new trophies and a new audience.

Hockey is changing: there are fewer aggressive fans and matches are becoming a bright show for the whole family.

Art. Lebedev Studio conducted a large-scale study of the club’s situation and audience sentiment and developed a flexible communication strategy for the next four seasons. It helps the club communicate with the “old” army of fans and the “new” audience that will soon appear on the stands of CSKA Arena.

cska keyvisual strat 01

The communication is based on the idea of unity between the team and its fans.

The new strategy carefully cherishes memories of past victories and at the same time attracts new recruits. It unites fans and players into a strong club. All messages reach the CSKA audience in the right place at the right time, using over 90 communication tools.

cska keyvisual strat 02

Based on the new strategy, we created a key visual charged for victory. The bright and powerful image creates a sense of a great movement that you want to join.

Like camouflage, the key visual helps you blend in with your surroundings and become part of a huge force, the CSKA hockey club.

The pattern generator generously creates an almost infinite amount of camouflage. Patterns are generated as confidently and deftly, just like pucks that fly into the goals of CSKA’s opponents.

The key visual is constantly evolving while remaining recognizable.

cska keyvisual hoodie

The Gagarin Cup, the main trophy and the symbol of going a long way, has always been embedded in the CSKA logo. Now it is much more visible.

cska keyvisual cup
cska keyvisual storm

The new key visual envelopes everything it touches. The only thing to do is to give in to the call of CSKA and win. Again and again.

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