Digital Productivity Technologies logo

Task: to design a logo for a digital ecosystem.

Digital Productivity Technologies is a non-profit organization created as part of the Workforce Productivity national project. The organization is designing an ecosystem that includes a multiservice industrial platform (MMPP) where users can get help selecting and implementing digital solutions from proven vendors that will help them optimize production and business processes, as well as receive government support. In the logo, the first letters of the organization’s name are about to come together into a single entity.

The basic unit of the logo is a voxel, or a three-dimensional pixel. Volumetric squares are converted into elongated moving shapes which are then used to compose the acronym.

This voxel combines three images: a central server, an MMPP data center and an administrative building. The symbolic data center is evolving and appearing as a futuristic structure, impressive in its complexity.

Presentation slides using the identity were designed in the studio as a stylistic guideline.

art director


motion designer

secret advisor

type designer

Made in 79 days
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