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2012 Daily Planners

Overview   Process  

Task: to make planners for 2012.

Our planners 2012 come either dressed in nice-to-touch faux-leather or with a fabric spine and heavy stock cover. The elastic band keeps your planner from flying open in public (how embarrassing!) or in your bag and doubles as a bookmark.

daily planner 2012 cover paper
daily planner 2012 cover leather
New planners with their fancy belts

The planner begins with a page for your personal profile. Some things are meant to be written openly, while the rest can be smartly ciphered using the included mnemonic code generator.

daily planner 2012 4 5
Pages 4–5

A few spreads are dedicated to a handful of useful maps, charts, and such.

daily planner 2012 6 7
Pages 6–7
daily planner 2012 14 15
Pages 14–15

The planner is peppered with line-drawings to feed your creativity flow throughout the year: Each one to be either finished or used as a springboard idea for something else.

daily planner 2012 Jan 2 3
January 2 and 3—no business appointments
daily planner 2012 Jan 6 8
More Holidays
daily planner 2012 Jan Feb
Each month has a fully illustrated spread at the end
daily planner 2012 pocket
A pocket to keep all those loose notes in check

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