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2013 Daily Planners

Overview   Process  

Task: to publish daily planners for 2013.

The daily planners are produced with three types of covers. Heavy paper covers can be either blue or orange.

daily planner 2013 all
The planners come with a tassel and a rubber band to prevent them from opening accidentally

Brown business planners are covered with soft to touch imitation leather, while the red ones are bound with soft and elegant genuine leather.

daily planner 2013 cover leather

Contour drawings on the pages are nice to look at. You can finalize them to your liking or use as a source of inspiration.

daily planner 2013 last day
The last work day

Openings in the beginning of the planner provide useful information in the form of tables, maps and charts.

daily planner 2013 14 15
Pages 14–15

daily planner 2013 16 17
Pages 16–17

daily planner 2013 22 23
Pages 22–23

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