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    2014 Large Daily Planners

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to publish daily planners for 2014.

    Large daily planners for 2014 are produced in two editions: with vinyl paper cover (red, blue, pistachio and beige colors) and with soft brown leather cover.

    daily planner 2014 big all new
    All planners have a tassel

    daily planner 2014 big brown
    Leather cover

    Besides traditional inspiring contour drawings, the planners now have beautiful illustrated openings for every season. There is a mnemonic device for secret passwords and codes, useful reference tables, maps and charts, a word list with accent marks, as well as a calendar for two years ahead.

    daily planner 2014 big barcode
    Opening with reference information

    daily planner 2014 big inspiration
    Pictures for inspiration

    daily planner 2014 big winter
    Winter season opening

    daily planner 2014 big april
    Middle of April

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