Identity Website Booklet

The making of the Delcredere booklet

Overview• Process

Meeting with the client and clarifying the task: we need to create a booklet that will be handed out at a law forum; later it will be used at other client events. The booklet needs to introduce the company and demonstrate its achievements.

Piling up ideas, trying different formats and layouts.

delcredere booklet process 01

The art director says there’s too much fashion which isn’t in line with the client’s image. It needs to be more serious and aggressive.

Finding a frigate metaphor. Sketching.

delcredere booklet process 02

Art director: OK.

Developing and preparing a presentation for the client.

delcredere booklet process 03

The client likes it. Finalizing.

delcredere booklet process 04

The ship is too romantic. Finding another metaphor, a sailing ship against the black sea.

delcredere booklet process 05

Preparing illustrations for the internal pages.

Trying to find more interesting typesetting solutions, but ultimately going back to the original.

delcredere booklet process 06

The photo with the boxers is too aggressive. Searching for a replacement.

delcredere booklet process 07

Making corrections in the text, preparing for printing.