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    to explain the work of lawyers.

    Delcredere is a team of experienced lawyers who successfully mitigate corporate conflicts, lead bankruptcy cases, take part in antitrust proceedings and solve complex commercial disputes in courts of different levels. The website created at the studio presents the company as well as projects and proceedings that Delcredere participated in.

    Main page

    All projects are divided by fields of law and are explained in plain language. Future clients can read about outcomes of similar cases and learn about the company through the example of interesting and characteristic proceedings.

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    Projects and proceedings

    To better explain the work of the lawyers, key court processes are explained with diagrams.

    Process diagram

    In the Team section, clients can read about professional experience of Delcredere lawyers.

    Hovering the mouse over a silhouette reveals a picture of the lawyer

    The Company section contains information about Delcredere’s history, awards won and articles about in the press.

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    • The website is managed using Imprimatur III (Parser) proprietary technology and operates as a single-page application