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The making of the series of booklets for Moscow walking enthusiasts

Overview   Process  

Starting to work on the booklets. Getting the original texts and the Moscow map from the client.

It’s all easy with the map: all we have to do is find and color all city objects.

Simultaneously choosing the colors.

While the map is being painted, the work on presentation of information is underway. Trying out different cover designs and layouts.

We get the idea to use Moscow building numbers in walking routes.

Looking if we need numbers and captions.

We also need to create icons. At first, parks and running tracks exist independently, but later we decide to combine them together.

The style is OK, now we need to work on the details.

The art director says that the booklets need to maintain the style of the leaflet. Asking the illustrator to lend us a hand.

Checking out how the pictures would look on covers.

Turns out, we must use the icons pre-approved by the client. Replacing the pictures.

Checking the information over again, preparing the files and sending to the press.

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