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Diagnocat interface 2.0

The Diagnocat platform, which allows digital dental images to be processed using artificial intelligence, is constantly evolving, offering specialists more and more new functions. Over time, the system’s numerous features have outgrown their allocated space. The second version of the interface designed in the studio helps make all the tools accessible while keeping the service beautiful and easy to use.

New look for 2D reports

Dentists go through many images at a time to quickly build an overall clinical picture in their mind.

The neural network automatically detects different types of tissue, colors it in different colors and delivers an accurate diagnosis.

3D models became even more beautiful

Seven stunning color schemes for 3D models help dentists in their work.

diagnocat scull 1
diagnocat scull 2
diagnocat scull 3
diagnocat scull 4
diagnocat scull 5
diagnocat scull 6

The zero position of the camera can be precisely adjusted using intuitive steps.

3D designer and coder

project manager

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