House Arrest logo and credits

Task: to do a good job.

House Arrest is a TV series created by Semyon Slepakov coming out on TNT-Premier channel. The series is a story of a mayor of a small town who finds himself under house arrest in a communal apartment where he grew up.

The plot of the series is referenced in its logo: when the shield (the symbol of the bureaucrat’s power) is turned upside down, it becomes a cage.

Opening credits show the contrast between luxurious yachts, helicopters and villas in Monaco and a humble life in a communal apartment.

A typeface was created specifically for the series for use in all captions and credits.

artistic director

art director and designer


motion designer

project manager

  • The studio wishes to thank Semyon Slepakov for his trust and help with the project
Made in 65 days
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