Social Patrol bus livery

dtszn bus cover
Task: to design the appearance of Social Patrol buses.

Sometimes people find themselves in difficult situations, losing their home and having to live on the street. It’s not a conscious choice for all of them, many want to return to normal life.

dtszn bus people

For people like that there is the Social Adaptation Center in Moscow that will provide food, warmth and shelter, will help restore documents and find a job. The Center has its own buses called Social Patrol that can be found near railway stations or patrolling the city to offer food, shelter and help to people who have nowhere to go.

dtszn bus 01

A design for the Social Patrol bus livery was created at the studio. It has the signature bright purple color to stand out among other cars. Large text and an illustration explain that this is where you can get help.

dtszn bus 02
dtszn bus illustration
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Made in 42 days
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