History of the Russian flag website


Task: to present the history of the Russian flag in an unusual way.

The Russian flag has changed dozens of time. At one point, its role was even played by a stick with a horse’s tail tied to it. The rich history of one of the main symbols of the country is presented on a website made in the form of a time spiral. Moving through it allows you to see in just a few minutes how the flag has changed and what it looked like at different times.

The spiral is divided into rooms that resemble museum halls. Each one shows a particular period in the life of the flag and is filled with artifacts, signs of the time and references to significant events.

The feeling of being in a museum is reinforced by the voiceover: the announcer plays the role of a guide. The music that was written specifically for the website increases the effect and gently immerses visitors into the atmosphere.

Interactive activities help take a break from learning. They include quizzes «What flag are you?» and «Which one of the Russian flags are you?», the game «Hold this flag» and the mask that applies make up in the form of different Russian flags.

The fascinating spiral website reveals the amazing history of the Russian flag in just a few moments.

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  • Voiceover by Ruslan Gabidullin (Kubik v Kube studio)
Made in 30 days
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