Formator identity and naming

formator cover room
Task: to create a corporate identity for a construction company.

The company with a complex name Vybor-OBD came up with an impressive new house construction technology. A special huge machine molds entire rooms out of concrete. This is followed by hanging wallpaper, installing laminate flooring, windows and doors and finishing outer walls. Houses are then constructed in mere days from the truly prefabricated rooms. A name and a logo for the new technology were created at the studio.

Formator’s logo is a golden frame or a room in perspective. The logo emphasizes the technology’s uniqueness and the value of real estate.

formator staff

The golden frame looks great on branded media and presents rooms produced by Formator as true masterpieces.

Formator became even more valuable and attractive in the new format.

artistic director

art director


type designer


Made in 23 days
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