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Task: to introduce a non-conventional way of buying gadgets.

New smartphones appear on the market with tremendous speed. A website for a company that helps get the newest gadgets without spending an exuberant amount of money was created at the studio.

If you desperately want to brag to your friends about your new “galactic” device but have no means to do so, you can come to Forward Leasing to get a smartphone as a service and make small monthly payments.

This allows you to switch phones almost infinitely and become the first among your friends to get the latest gadgets. This circulation of devices became the idea behind the website concept.

Denouncing the customary solutions, we decided to abandon the usual specification lists on model pages.

Instead of boring tables, key technical specifications are now presented as strict (not always, to be honest) cards whose round shapes resemble outlines of smartphones.

Dual camera with “live” focus
Selfie Emoji
Super Slow Motion (960 fps)
Infinity Display
Supports Samsung Pay
24-hour battery life

Undoubtedly, the most beautiful part of the website is the model catalog. Everything here is glossy and spectacular. The pages where bright colors would be out of place are restrained and informative: colors are definitely not the top priority when you are calculating payment amounts or evaluating the installment schedule.

art director

  • Pavel Gerasimchuk


  • Bogdan Yukin
  • Oleg Koreshkov
  • Nadezhda Rudenko
  • Anna Pakhomova

technical designer

  • Aleksandra Maun

beta tester

  • Dmitry Muratov


  • Dmitry Yakimenko
  • Oleg Postoev


  • Aleksandr Nosikov
  • Anna Potapkina

project manager

  • Maria Ivanova
Made in 75 days
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