Forward Leasing website

Task: to introduce an unusual way of buying gadgets and announce the expansion of the product range.
assembled and populated by the client

Forward Leasing helps buy new gadgets by replacing huge upfront costs with small monthly payments. Initially, the program only applied to smartphones, but then expanded to gaming consoles and will add other devices very soon!

The website demonstrates the tempting devices and introduces the benefits of Forward Leasing. It’s easy to see how many gadgets there are and how much joy they can give when you don’t have to pay the full price upfront.

Product categories in the catalog will grow over time.

Since the company offers an unusual service, we decided to present gadget models in an unusual way too, getting rid of the long lists of specifications.

Tables with numbers were replaced by animated cards that contain all key parameters in an easy to read form.

Triple camera

Premium sound

In-display fingerprint sensor

Ultra-wide lens

Made in 23 days
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