Starykh and Gamayunov Art Support Foundation logo

Task: to design a logo for Starykh and Gamayunov Art Support Foundation.

Saint Petersburg has a rich culture, everyone knows that. Even if you’re sad, you go out and immediately start growing. You want to get some ink and cry, want a simple tragedy: to curse the slush and scream “I am the new Leo Tolstoy!” and find a place to buy vodka at night and cry about writer’s block.

Today, artists in Saint Petersburg are supported by the Starykh and Gamayunov Art Support Foundation.

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For example, a young artist is looking for fresh socks at home. It’s raining outside, he’s thinking about some debts he owes. His mother cries: “Where’s your job, Pavel?”. His dad takes his sandwich away. Suddenly, news come in: a shiny new art foundation.

The logo has nuclear strength, it’s rich in symbols: it has an academic drawing, a Suprematist square, as if there are two museum halls there. The typeface flies up to the skies like a firework! And the logo seems to tell they give out money at the foundation.

And the artist came, slightly shy, and they told him “You’re talented!” And gave a cup of tea, and slightly later gave a grant, took two pictures to display in a gallery and praised him for his complex colors. Suddenly, he can afford not just the cheapest food: salami, calf cheeks, and even a bag to take it all home!

Ahead lies a thorny creative path.

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