Franc Gardiner identity


Franc Gardiner manufactures and sells first class roller blinds. We designed an identity for the company that highlights the organization’s extensive experience and position in an incredibly competitive market.

franc gardiner sign

The visual solution is based on the company’s positioning. As the company is engaged in interior design, the logo consists of a single light text part that seems to be floating in the air, conveying modern trends in architecture. In addition, the minimalist logo looks great when printed on all kinds of media.

franc gardiner cap

For cases where a very simple version of the logo is required (for example, on labels) there is a compact and laconic monogram.

franc gardiner bag
franc gardiner circles

Vehicles, advertising materials and souvenirs are branded with cozy gradient compositions in warm colors. They convey the feelings you experience when soft sunset lazily enters the home through the curtains.

franc gardiner shirt
franc gardiner car
franc gardiner banner
franc gardiner phone
Made in 86 days
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