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    German version of the Gazprom website

    Overview   Process  

    [This work is in the museum]

    Task: to present Gazprom to German audience.

    The German version of the website was created to celebrate 40 years of gas shipping to Germany. The website provides all information that might interest German clients and partners of Gazprom: issues of European energy security and prospects of a single energy market, history of coöperation between Russia and Germany, cultural and educational projects of Gazprom overseas, details about utilized technologies, environmental programs, and volume of gas shipments to Europe. A special section contains all important articles, interviews and press releases.

    gazprom de main
    Gazprom brings light to Germany

    To simplify presentation, internal pages of the website abound with photographs and illustrations.

    gazprom de about
    Basic information about the company on a single page

    Release date: October 23 2013


    art director
    Ludwig Bistronovsky
    Nina Gorbenko
    Dmitry Mikhaylov
    Valentin Novoselov
    Denis Drozhzhov
    technical designers
    Bakha Egamediev
    Roman Yunichenko
    Kirill Musienko
    Vitaly Voynov
    Sergey Kim
    Aleksandr Shtefanets
    Sergey Kopalkin
    Leonid Knyazev
    Anton Startsev
    Anton Fedchenko
    Aleksandr Volodko
    Aleksandr Shumov
    beta tester
    Dmitry Muratov
    content manager and editor
    Darya Uspenskaya
    content managers
    Anastasia Puzakova
    Sergey Dmitriev
    Daler Alierov
    Ilya Musaelov
    project managers
    Petr Morugin
    Vsevolod Ivanov
    The studio would like to thank Vyacheslav Loshkarev for his comprehensive assistance with the project

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