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    Gazprom website 2.0

    Populated by the company employees

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to create the second version of the website for a global energy company.

    Gazprom, created as a successor to the Ministry of Gas Industry of the USSR in 1989, is engaged in exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and sale of gas, gas condensate and oil. The second version of the website greets the visitors with a highly visual main page with clear and concise facts about the company.

    Continuous stream of events

    Release date: July 06 2015


    art director
    Ludwig Bistronovsky
    Vasily Sergeev
    technical designer
    Evgeny Borovik
    Sergey Kopalkin
    Aleksandr Volodko
    beta tester
    Dmitry Muratov
    content managers
    Daler Alierov
    Roman Kosovichev
    project managers
    Marina Potapova
    Daniel Verdugo Nosov
    Petr Morugin

    The website is managed using Imprimatur I (Java) proprietary technology

    The studio wishes to thank Sergei Kupriyanov, Igor Volobuev and Vyacheslav Loshakrev for their help with the project

    Gazprom news feed is a dense stream of press releases, photo reports, documents and analytics. To highlight important events, two types of news feeds were created for the main page. The website adapts to all screen resolutions and looks equally well on large monitors and mobile devices.

    Informative and user friendly in horizontal and vertical orientation

    Depending on the importance of an event and availability of materials, both feeds are populated with photographic banners, various backgrounds and effects as well as simple text blocks.

    Megaproject name against a photo with gradient
    Title and brief description on a blurred background with gradient
    Photo with a right-side text block
    Block of links to important events
    Names of several
    large projects
    Events slide show
    News text against
    a colored photo with gradient
    Text on a blurred background
    Text over a photo
    Photo with a right-side block

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