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    The making of the German version of the Gazprom website

    Overview   Process  

    Preparing the first drafts.

    gazprom de process 1

    Deciding to “move away from the hardware” and tell more about non-profit activities of the company.

    gazprom de process 2

    The idea with large glowing letters wins favors of both the art director and the client. Deciding to show how energy influences a city and its residents.

    gazprom de process 3

    The illustrator draws the city.

    gazprom de process 4

    Experimenting with glowing letters.

    gazprom de process 5

    Considering a video that could present Gazprom to German consumers. Scouting for a filming location. Portovaya compressor station in Vyborg suits best: the Nord Stream pipeline that supplies gas to Europe starts here.

    gazprom de process 6

    We will shoot the video in the spring. We realize that no one will tell about Gazprom better than its employees. We hold a casting among female employees who speak German.

    gazprom de process 7

    Meanwhile, working on the website: composing internal pages.

    gazprom de process 8

    Returning to the main page and dropping the idea of large three dimensional letters. Instead, we make the text look like a light painting with famous German sights acting as backdrops.

    gazprom de process 9

    Positioning the video.

    gazprom de process 10

    Preparing the banner for the main Russian website.

    gazprom de process 11

    Order a design...