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Gazprom website 3.0

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to show the scale of operations of a global energy company.

Gazprom holds the world's largest natural gas reserves. The company conducts exploration, produces hydrocarbon crude and develops deposits in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. The website created at the studio focuses on the company’s major projects and latest news.

Main page

Bright event feed

For the news blocks on the main page a set of styles was created that turns the endless stream of information into an exciting feed that is interesting to explore. Templates set up by the site’s content manager allow to easily emphasize important news and make formatting similar materials easier.

Informative press center

Every day, hundreds of journalists and investors use the Gazprom website as a source of official information. Event reports, press releases, photos and videos are collected in one large section whose main page contains brief monthly compilations.

gazprom site3 press
gazprom site3 press filter
Publications for a specific time period can be selected with a filter that is always visible

Quick search

Finding information on the website is now easier thanks to a system of tags. They help limit search results by section or topic.

Tag search

Media library

Collections of photographs and videos are presented in a single section. Albums make navigating images and videos easier.

gazprom site3 media

content manager

beta tester

  • The studio wishes to thank Sergei Kupriyanov, Andrei Chernikh and Vyacheslav Loshkarev for their help with the project
  • The website is managed using Imprimatur I (Java) proprietary technology
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