Men's embroidered leather gloves

Task: to design men's gloves.

A stylish and 100% brutal collection of leather gloves in the aesthetics of men’s tattoos was created in the studio in collaboration with the brand.

glove me

Every design was carefully generated by Nikolay Ironov, designer and neural network, and no less carefully embroidered with thread of different colors.

The wide variety of designs makes it easy to choose gloves for any taste.

The gloves are made from the best English Pittards glove leather. Thanks to a special treatment, it doesn’t become rough and maintains its shape for a long time. The lining is made of knitted fabric that is soft and pleasant to the body.

The gloves fit and feel perfectly without hindering wrist movements. They complement any style, keep you warm in bad weather and are guaranteed to attract lots of attention. They work especially well as a strict and masculine but also very warm and cozy gift.

glove me final

art director


AI wranglers


project manager

Made in 4 days
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