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Gran Re is a cheese factory in Yekaterinburg with its own dairy farm that has been operating for thirty years. The company’s flagship product is the eponymous Parmesan, differing from its Italian ancestor only in name. We’ve designed a website that immerses users in the culture of high-quality natural cheeses.

The company proudly proclaims that the cheese is made in Russia. The spirit of domestic production is reflected in the visualization of Parmesan in the shape of the Ural Mountains. This imagery sets an impressive and solemn tone.

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The engaging presentation entices visitors; the pages invite exploration and study.

The character is conveyed through a specially crafted typeface: it exudes confidence and authority. Meanwhile, the soft curves of individual elements, echoing the rounded shape of cheese, impart a light and relaxed mood.

Special attention is given to the head cheese technologist, Umberto Zitza, whose expertise ensures that recipes and technologies maintain their authentic Italian origins.

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