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“Granatny, 6” corporate identity

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Problem: Develop a corporate identity to promote a real estate project.

Granatny, 6 is the address of a newly built residential house in the center of Moscow. Here, millionaires looking for a family home not far from the Kremlin can buy an accordingly expensive apartment the size of a mansion.

The logo and corporate identity we designed are magnificently golden and aristocratically elegant.

The logo sends you a message: “This address and everything that comes with it is worth the money”

Release date: September 03 2008


art director
technical designer
Real estate forms and other legal documents beautifully show the way to implement the package.
This business card of gold shall only pick deserving hands to hold it, and these forms of fine quality seem to accept nothing but the most dignified writing style

Black CD resting in a white and gold case on a silk pillow

Marvelously designed business envelopes with treasures inside

Greatness is timeless. Granatny, 6: Mediis tempustatibus placidus

Manhole cover also gorgeous

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