Task: to design a self-driving tractor truck.

Gruzovikus is a self-driving freight tractor truck. Just like a regular truck cab, Gruzovikus pulls a semi trailer, only there is no driver inside and it looks incredibly beautiful. Gruzovikus is the transport of the future.

gruzovikus img 02

A regular semi today looks like a mad brick: it has horrible aerodynamic qualities. Gruzovikus has a streamlined screen in the front that separates the oncoming air flows while protecting the sides from dirt and loads the front axle, adding stability to the rig.

Gruzovikus is equipped with passive computer vision: cameras, sensors and radars capture the distance to nearby objects while the central computer instantly triggers a response to changes in traffic conditions.

gruzovikus img 03

Gruzovikus allows to significantly reduce the cost of transportation: it doesn’t need to be paid and does not require rest. Naturally, Gruzovikus is powered by electricity.

gruzovikus img 04

The truck’s stylish and informative optics fits perfectly with the dynamics of its body panels.

gruzovikus img 05

Incredible combination of intelligence and beauty!

gruzovikus img 06
Made in 43 days
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