Hobbyka website templates

Task: to develop a website for a manufacturer of garden and park furniture.

Hobbyka manufactures street, garden and park furniture, including our wonderful Urnus trash cans, Skameikus benches and Veloparkus bicycle racks. The company’s catalog contains over a thousand items, from granite benches to flowerbeds and balusters. Beautiful and convenient templates for the company’s new website were designed at the studio.

Main page

The main page consists of interchangeable blocks and introduces the company’s best products. Major clients including city parks, stadiums and government corporations are listed separately. The showcased projects garner respect and help attract new clients.

hobbyka mainpage


The incredibly easy to use catalog helps navigate the huge range of products. We reworked catalog pages, simplified filters and introduced tags. Now choosing trash cans and street signs is no less exciting than looking at pictures of cats.

hobbyka choice bg

Product card

The cards are incredibly visual: each product is shown on a large photo while the information on pricing, dimensions and packaging is presented on the right.

Especially cool is the fact that users can try all models in the catalog on a background of their choosing (which can be their grandma’s country house or a city square) to see what they’re going to look like in real life. Users of the mobile version of the website simply need to point their camera at the required background and the app will do the rest!

The pictures are saved and can be easily shared in social networks.

hobbyka card bg

Shopping cart

A new helpful solution was invented for the shopping cart: information about all chosen products can be downloaded in PDF format.

The cards help create a presentation for management and magically make negotiations with subcontractors happen faster.

hobbyka footer
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