Nonton.rf online furniture hypermarket identity


On Nonton.rf, people buy furniture for their homes, offices and country cottages. As the company does not have its own manufacturing and buys everything directly from suppliers, the prices are not high. In order for visitors to be attracted not only by the cost of products, but also by the image of the store, we designed a colorful identity for it.

nonton banner

The text part of the logo is typed in a monospaced typeface whose modern style and simplicity perfectly suits the company. The symbol in the form of a geometric abstract shape supports the overall style and is easy to remember.

The symbol in the form of a geometric shape with multiple meanings supports the general mood and is instantly memorable. It is specially designed in such a way that it contains no references to overused images of sofas, chairs and armchairs, yet allowing everyone to see in it something different, but always nice and pleasant.

nonton bus nonton billboard

Two versions of the pattern ensure almost endless possibilities for branding everything from souvenirs to furniture. Just what a fast-growing retail organization that is constantly expanding its range needs.

nonton container

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Made in 32 days
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