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    Task: to create a lightweight website for a bank.

    InvestCapitalBank has been founded in Ufa in 1993. Today, the bank has 26 branches in large Bashkir cities as well as in Kazan, Perm and Tyumen. The bank specializes primarily in private lending. The website created at the studio greets the visitors with a laconic page offering to choose and apply for a personal loan.

    icb calc
    The focus is on conditions and opportunities

    Each loan page has a calculator that allows to estimate monthly payments and create a repayment schedule. Terms and conditions along with a description of the product are also available here.

    icb product
    All you need to make a decision

    For those who are looking for more than just a loan, an extended version of the main page was created with information about other services. Simple navigation makes any data easy to find.

    icb personal
    The full set

    Floating blocks with deposit calculators allow to quickly estimate profitability of every deposit program. Simply specify the deposit amount and scroll the page down.

    icb deposits
    Deposit range

    Release date: June 02 2014


    art director
    technical designer
    interface designer
    technical writer
    technical director
    beta tester
    content manager
    project managers
    The studio wishes to thank Olga Snegireva and Marat Yusupov for their help with the project

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