Tableware collection for the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory

Task: to create a design for a new series of porcelain tableware.

The Imperial Porcelain Manufactory is one of the oldest porcelain manufacturers in Russia and in Europe. It was founded in 1744 when it was decided to create the Nevsky Porcelain Manufactory in Saint Petersburg.

Painted porcelain products make up a unique and fascinating page in the history of design. Drawings were traditionally done by hand with entire dynasties of artists dedicated to creating them. The creative thought evolved from pre-revolutionary patterns through the strict images of the Stalinist years to the unexpected avant-gardism of the Khrushchev Thaw, the Brezhnev era uniformity and the post-Perestroika confusion.

The only thing that never happened in the history of the IPF designs was designs projects created by artificial intelligence. With the help of Nikolay Ironov the design for six plates and three mugs was created in the studio, featuring unexpected images and bold color schemes.

ipm 13

As before, artists draw the images by hand. Each product is a synergy of human labor and electronic mind, not a cheap mass-printed printed item.

ipm 12

In addition to the traditional factory branding, the reverse side contains the studio’s logo and Nikolay Ironov’s personal signature.

ipm 11

Additional work was done on the packaging: the mysterious polygon in a bright design inspires to find out what’s inside.

ipm 15

The unique collector’s series is already available for purchase.

ipm 2
ipm 6
ipm 7
ipm 4
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ipm 10
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