Ismet sales strategy and website concept

Task: to design the process of selling services for businesses.

Ismet is a website for business in Kazakhstan. Business owners can use the website to purchase online cash registers, read relevant articles and sign up for accounting consultations. We conducted research, found what to improve and developed a sales strategy for different user groups.

Many different offers are presented on the website. This is great, but unless these offers are ordered, potential owners will have a hard time seeing their benefits and choosing something suitable.

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Research and sales strategy

We studied the audience of the website, identified primary user groups and built scenarios of how they can achieve their goals. This helped us develop a sales strategy that is based on creating the need for services through content and communication with the user. Building on the strategy, we created a plan to increase sales.

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Clear website structure

The structure of the website responds to the needs of its visitors: to learn, get support, find a specific company or improve a business process with the help of a service from the store. The value is immediately obvious.

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The content is now grouped by business type and users can easily choose what they are interested in.

Sales through training

Ismet earns from the sale of services for businesses such as online cash registers or cloud accounting. Sometimes potential buyers are not even aware that routine processes can be automated to reduce costs. Educational articles and case studies help them understand all the nuances.

The main page contains inspiring stories and guidelines on improving business processes with the help of the services.

The educational approach was also used in the store. Instead of a list of individual services, it contains their collections as well as relevant articles and case studies. They are divided into categories based on the needs of different user groups, making it easier for potential customers to choose the right service.

The service page explains how it works and who can use it. Users can also see screenshots and relevant articles and use cases.


The community around the website creates content. Business owners maintain pages of their companies and write articles while service sellers explain why their offerings are worth using.

When a company is added to the website, it appears in the general catalog with convenient filters and search. For example, here you can find the best rated service provider and verify that all their documents are in order.

Sales cycles

To ensure constant audience growth, sales cycles are created: visitors regularly come to the website, the website creates new needs for them, they purchase the services.

Some users create needs for other users: service providers write articles about their services, other users share useful content and attract new customers.

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In the course of our research we formulated ways to improve the website and increase sales. We came up with a way to demonstrate the value of the website to groups of users with different needs and to make the interface even friendlier.

Made in 63 days
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