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    The making of The Form of the Book by Jan Tschichold

    Overview   Process   Errata   Real Life  

    Working on the new translation of the old classic.

    Setting the layout.

    Adding missing symbols and characters into the typeface.

    Making the endpapers.

    The illustrator comes up with the following options.

    Looking for the perfect photo of Tschichold to go on the cover.

    Color proofing.

    The making of the fourth edition.

    Correcting the errors and misprints.

    Using the newly updated Artemius type.

    Draft sketching the new endpapers.

    Determining the color of the endpapers.

    Beveling the flaps of the dust jacket. The bevel’s angle is not chosen at random—it matches the edge of the endpapers.

    Selecting the new cover, headband and bookmark.

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