Jethackers logo

Task: to design a symbol of breakthrough into the future.

Jethackers is a project devoted to creating jet packs in Russia.

In movies you can often see a character put on a jet pack and soar into the skies. That’s exactly the kind of thing the company is aiming to produce.


The project’s target audience is pretty much all cool guys in the world, because JETPACKS. But it’s probably closer to the minds of geeks and dreamers, so that’s who we’ll target with the logo.

The soaring fire and jet-driven letters, swiftness, space colors: it’s easy to imagine the logo on a poster of a sci-fi movie.

jethackers small

Some similarity with astronaut mission patches won’t hurt.

jethackers boy

And of course it looks great on souvenirs.

jethackers table
jethackers final
—Hey, where are you going? We haven’t finished yet!

art director


project manager

Made in 16 days
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