Khibiny tourist area logo

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to attract attention to a tourist area.

The logo comprises several symbols: a deer’s head, letter X, snowflake, mountain range and a raw-hide tent.

The logo is made in the typical style of the North, with an image of a deer at its core. Ancient locals associated deer with forces of nature, used their images as talismans and often depicted them on embroidery. The color combination is also well-thought: red is the traditional color of the northern patterns, while the white background resembles snow.

khibiny deer

The logo is supplemented by pictograms created in the same style. Rules for the use of the logo, colors, typefaces and other elements of the style are assembled in a guide.

khibiny guide pictograms

Spread about pictograms

khibiny guide type

Spread about display typefaces

Pictograms were used to create a warm pattern.

khibiny en logo

khibiny maz

City transport

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