The making of the Khibiny tourist area logo

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Starting the search. Testing out different ideas.

khibiny process begin

The client asks us to think some more and add more meanings to the logo. An arctic fox would be too bold and too vague.

Going back to think, but not abandoning the arctic fox entirely.

Developing the idea of a fox-hat but in a more minimalist style.

khibiny process sketch1

Working on the shape. The sketch is ready.

khibiny process sketch2

The logo can be used to make a nice toy, too.

khibiny process toy

We need another design. Looking at the art of the northern people.

khibiny process variant1

Creating a symbol: a deer’s head, snowflake, letter X, and a raw-hide tent.

khibiny process variant2

Preparing a presentation.

khibiny process presentation

The client approves the deer. Starting to work on the text. We want a rough typeface with ancient letters.

khibiny process font1

The type designer joins in.

khibiny process font2

The result is too elegant and accurate. At first, the art director approves but after a discussion with the designer decides to go back to rougher shapes.

khibiny process font3

The art director chooses the second option.

khibiny process font4

Creating additional elements of the style and patterns as we go.

Selecting colors.

khibiny process color

Considering various media.

khibiny process tape
khibiny process product

Getting the client’s approval, taking photographs, inserting them in the guide.