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Kiev information boards

Task: to create a new design for information boards.

New LCD information boards were installed in Kiev center on roads with reversible lanes. The direction of traffic on these streets is reversed twice a day, and the information boards help drivers understand the current direction. A fine idea combined with poor realization.

Signs “Open to traffic” and “Do not enter” were both colored green

We got rid of different typeface styles, gaps between words, capital letters. Blue background was added and all lettering was done in Direct typeface. When a lane is closed to traffic, the sign background turns red which can be easily seen from a distance.

The information board on Ploschad Slavi was the first to be reprogrammed

For the first time ever, a direction sign has shorter arrows that show traffic directions more clearly.

It’s all clear now

Every driver coming to the center of Kiev can see the boards.

Simple and convenient
All sign images were improved as well

Release date: July 29 2009


art director and designer
Aleksander Pasechnik

Typeface: Direct

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