Land's End glamping logo

Task: to design a logo.

Where to escape the heat of the summer?
How to capture the thrill of the winter?
We’re used to spending our time
at the trendy Land’s End glamping!

Here are the Karelian lakes,
the forest, the tent, everything.
But without shameful things
like not having a bathroom.

kray zemli trees and waves

Here tourists don’t eat with their hands
Here they don’t sleep without sheets.
They don’t shit in a ravine with wolves
or shower once every fifteen days.

Here you don’t eat breakfast from a can.
Here the wave and the forest on the logo
Are as unobtrusive as service,
as the forest silence.

kray zemli snow
kray zemli lake
kray zemli about
kray zemli wine

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Made in 9 days
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