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Krivitzky logo

Task: to create a predatory logo.

Krivitzky offers legal assistance and unique solutions in the most complex and unusual court cases. A logo for the lawyer who clearly sees the target and wins at any cost was designed at the studio.

One look at the strict and clear logo makes it obvious: the competition has no chance.

krivitsky logo pin

The striking combination of black and red is the symbol of the firm’s unsurpassed power.

krivitsky logo card
krivitsky logo screen
krivitsky logo lighter
krivitsky logo case

The logo contains many images none of which you would call nice or fluffy. Everything about it is hard, powerful and decisive.

The logo makes it clear that there are no tasks Krivitzky can’t handle.

krivitsky logo final

art director

motion designer

type designer

project manager

Made in 22 days
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