Characteristics Drum Window Controls Washing Project

In the top, there is a control panel made of black crashproof glass.

It features the Mode Select knob with the Play pushbutton in the middle of it.

In the left upper corner, there are adjusting buttons for setting the angle of the control panel (up to 45°).

The left part of the panel is an LCD screen showing modes and settings.

Main indicators include the current program, status (it tells you what the machine is doing at the moment), end of washing time and detergent amount.

If any trouble occurs, malfunction message are displayed.

Sensor screen enables both professional and unexperienced users to easily operate the machine—from doing regular washing to adding and modifying programs.

As a matter of fact, Lavatrix comes without a manual. And it is not because no one reads the instructions, but because a well-designed thing is readily usable with no teaching required.

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