Characteristics Drum Window Controls Washing Project

How to do the washing?

Washing machine is a rather simple appliance. In the past, seamen used to put their jackets in a net and throw it out into the sea for a couple of hours to have it washed. As water flushes through the fabric, it removes loose dirt. The machine uses the same principle, only it automatically agitates laundry in a drum filled with water and detergents (which is nice and requires no sea ships traveling at some speed).

Lavatrix has 32 programmed washing modes for all types of clothes. It chooses the best program for each particular load. When using ordinary washing machines, you have to select the mode yourself often facing the problem of not knowing what settings are most suitable. That is not the proper way—it’s the machine who must be able to determine optimal spin speed, temperature and detect the load weight.

Lavatrix is equipped with a lazer scanner for reading barcode information. We shall work out the appropriate barcode format and recommend it to clothing producers. Eventually, washing instructions tags might get replaced by barcodes carrying detailed garment information. Moreover, such barcodes can be used for items other than clothes too, like food products or dishes, or anything else found in modern homes.

Synthtic clothes must occupy no more than a half of the drum, and for woolen garments it’s only a quarter. The more delicate the fabric, the more free drum space is needed. The scanner detects the laundry amount and volume and tells you if you exceed recommended limits.

What to wash with?

Lavatrix does not use powdered detergents. It accepts two cartridges of liquid washing agents. For example, you can use one for liquid laundry detergent, and the other one for bleach.

Lavatrix automatically metes out the correct amount of detergent from both cartridges, which leads to effective consumption. It detects the load weight and determines the necessary amount of water—if there is little laundry, it also consumes less time for not as much water needs to be heated.

Half an hour and it’s done

There is an express laundry mode for washing up to 2 kg of clothes in just 30 minutes. Tumbling at 1600 rotations per second rids your clothes of 70% of water, which means you can just do a bit of ironing and put it right on.

Non-sour attitude

You would never want your laundry to get musty if locked in the machine for some time after the washing is done. Lavatrix doesn’t allow this to happen—the window opens automatically once it’s finished. So you can turn Lavatrix on before going to sleep and have your clothes nice and clean in the morning.

Lazer scanner detects the garment and selects optimal washing mode

Barcode tags can be put on clothes by producers instead of regular washing instructions

If you attempt to wash together incompatible items, you will see the warning

Detergent cartridges

Cartridge slots are to the sides of the control panel

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