Patterns for the Origins wallpaper range by Loymina

Task: to create a range of wallpaper.

Loymina is one of the best wallpaper manufacturers in Russia. It got its name from the river in the Nizhny Novgorod region on the bank of which the company’s factory is located. When you learn that the Loymina river flows in the taiga, you imagine that the factory is surrounded by the mysterious fairy Russian forest full of wild animals and berries. This image inspired the studio’s designers to create seven new patterns for the Origins range of wallpaper: Thistle, Gladiolus, Willowherb, Forest Thicket, Goats, Blueberries and Squirrels.

Each pattern is a work of art, a result of tremendous design work. All of them are natural, fairy-like and very modern.

The patterns are created for turnkey design applications: the loosestrife with elongated leaves is for offices, the flexible rhythmic gladiolus is for bedrooms, the mysterious forest with glowing eyes in the thicket works best in living rooms and the squirrels will be at home in the children’s room. Patterns can be freely combined with each other, resulting in unique interiors.

Forest Thicket

Wallpaper with the studio patterns don’t simply decorate the walls, they set the mood. The dark cypress creates an atmosphere for reflection, calmness and friendly conversation. Goats on trees remind of country houses, rustic products and fresh air. The graphic fairy thistle looks like a chamber mural, providing a great background for selfies.

loymina forest_

Art. Lebedev Studio illustrators created incredibly beautiful patterns and Loymina turned them into wallpaper. The result is a real masterpiece.

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Made in 62 days
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