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Licard fuel cards visual identity

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Task: to develop a visual identity for plastic cards for motorists.

Licard is a system of non-cash payment for fuel, complementary products and services used at Lukoil filling stations in Russia, as well as in 16 other countries. The studio created a logo and a visual identity for the cards, their appearance and packaging.

likard logo
The main logo

Release date: October 31 2013


art director
type designer
project managers

A corporate pattern fueled by the traditional jerrycan design ties together the visual style of the fuel cards and the companion brochure.

likard cards
Cards for private customers

likard pack btc
The card packaging with program highlights

Corporate fleet cards have the corporate pattern embossed and come in a beautiful tin case.

likard pack btb
For the most important clients

likard keys
Gentlemen, start your engines!

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