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§ 132. Low resolution

May 28, 2006

Applied to a human, the term resolution can denote an ability to distinguish styles, objects, buildings, colors, fonts, voices etc.

Any education is meant to enhance resolution in a chosen field. Artists spend a long time drawing apples and a Socrates bust until they learn to somehow tell the former from the latter. People who’ve never driven a car often don’t have much of an idea about what road signs mean. After staying in Asia for a while a traveler can tell the difference between the Chinese, the Koreans, and the Japanese.

All look same?—an online test to check your ability to see the difference between the Chinese, the Koreans, and the Japanese

A designer’s resolution is usually one or thereabouts. Customers rarely can remedy the situation, because when two people with low resolutions meet, their intercourse is very much unlike that of two goldsmiths waltzing around, wielding precision drivers. Rather, they communicate like two walking excavator operators with sledgehammers.

Obiter dictum

One reasonably expects to find high resolution in crafts whose influence is farther-reaching than that of a dentist or a TP roll cutter.

Illiterate and perfunctory, designer tends to overplay his hand in the worst way. Reporter is the only rival for him to contend with. These two are outgunned only by a market researcher with a fabulous obtuseness-times-confidence index.

Designer (and customer) is enraptured by a plug-in that converts a photograph into a “watercolor painting”. He puts on every of a book’s five hundred pages an ornate running title with the author’s name and the book’s title in it. He is shy of unknown hues and feels vaguely uneasy when he sees small letters in the layout.

Higher resolution comes with experience—with luck and pluck.

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