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§ 163. Russian postal address format

March 21, 2010

In Russia, the rule with postal addresses was to go from general to specific: country, postal code, city or town, street, house, apartment, name. In most of the world the accepted standard is different, because in most of the world they send regular mail often and see to it that things arrive fast.

It’s this country’s turn to change. Today the correct order for address details in Russia is from specific to general:

addressee’s full name;

company name (if applicable);

street name, house number, building details, apartment or office number;

place name (city, town, village, etc.);


administrative division (republic, krai, oblast, autonomous okrug or oblast);

postal code;

country name (for international mail, on a separate line).


Some cities and towns use rather uncommon addresses.

Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia, for example, has just building numbers, like bldg. 1001A, instead of full street addresses. The first two digits represent the district (number 10). People who live in the house may not even be aware that their street is called Kolkhoznaya, because no one uses the name.

In Naberezhnye Chelny, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, everyone knows cluster and construction numbers of the houses. So, if you ask which way 60 Prospekt Mira is, no one will be able to tell. But if you ask for 3/19, you’ll instantly get directions.

In Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia, a building may have several numbers, because the city has kept the German entrance numbering scheme. Apartments sharing a common staircase at each building entrance are numbered from one.

In addition to the above, those who create address forms to be filled out on a computer, should bear in mind that some people might wish to provide a P.O. box address.

With details put in the right order, a postman (practically the only person to read what’s on the envelope, besides the recipient) can understand addresses faster.

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