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    The mc² retail center is located in Riga. Its total area is 13,000 square meters.

    The retail center is divided into three large halls: Decorum, Galleria and Gastronome.

    The Decorum hall features an assorted selection of finishing materials and home accessories: bathrooms and saunas, doors, carpeting, wallpaper, tiles etc.

    At the Galleria hall customers may have a look at lamps, blinds, furniture, carpets, paintings, presents, phones and other things.

    The Gastronome hall represents a broad selection of fine high-quality foods. There are also two cafes, a bistro, three bars and a restaurant where the buyer can have any product on sale at Gastronome cooked and served.

    The name and logo of mc² are the creation of Art. Lebedev Studio.

    Holiday cake


    mc² viewed from the Riga TV tower

    Decorum and Gastronome are owned by Reaton and occupy around two thirds of the mc² retail center area. A third of the center’s area is rented by around 20 well-known companies operating on the Latvian market and specializing in interior design.

    Facade logos positioning scheme

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