Reaton Center Decorum Gastronome Navigation Project

Gastronome store sells cheeses, fresh meat, live fish, sea food, wines, chocolate, homemade bread, sausages, vegetables, fruits, spices, nuts, tea, coffee and many other delicious and healthy high-quality products.

This store differs from a supermarket, as most products are sold in their natural state and weighed, having no standard packaging (save for wine, of course). To keep the feeling that the products are made fresh to order rather than factory-made, the studio suggested hanging blackboards with chalk writings above each counter.

Baskets full of vegetables and fruits, sacks full of nuts, fish cages and trays with dressed meat stand alongside the counters as if you were at a market. But it’s not a market either: customers are served by the store staff.

The store also houses two cafes, a bistro, three bars and a restaurant where the buyer can have any product on sale at Gastronome cooked and served.

The name “Gastronome” was suggested by Art. Lebedev Studio.

All “engravings” were drawn by Art. Lebedev Studio designers using vector graphics editors

Gastronome sign elements: a bottle of wine and a wedge of cheese

Above every Gastronome department hangs a signboard in two languages: in Latvian on the left and in the language relevant for a particular category of products on the right.

In the tea department the words on the signboard are repeated in Chinese, in the species department—in Hindi, in the cheese department—in French.

Fragment of the Gastronome Store Design Guidelines with a placeholder text

“Engravings” for different Gastronome departments

Left to right: Art. Lebedev Studio designers studied the world’s experience in depicting horns of plenty and came up with the best possible one.

Below: one of the variants of the Gastronome logo (meat, bottle and greengrocery were later redesigned).

In the end we decided to make the sign monochrome rather than color.

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