Reaton Center Decorum Gastronome Navigation Project

Getting lost in an unknown apartment is easy. Getting lost on an area of 13,000 square meters is still easier. Apart from Art. Lebedev Studio, there’s almost no other company taking professional interest in the problems of navigation and information graphics in Russia. Finding such specialists in Latvia is a lot harder.

Art. Lebedev Studio started developing the navigation plan for mc² when the construction of the retail center was drawing to a close. Architects and the customer agreed to change the building construction in accordance with the amendments we proposed. As a result, we charted the visitor’s route through the halls of the retail center and excluded everything that stood in his way and prevented him from keeping his bearings.

Plan of positioning vertical lettering in the Decorum hall. The four colored points indicate the major positions where the visitor will search for visual cues. The arrows are aimed at the lettering. Between the orange and green circles there are premises blocking the field of view

Vertical lettering at the Decorum hall is made from a special mesh: the visitor can see both the text and the space behind it

A set of arrows and pictograms used in the information graphics of mc².

Navigators (information kiosks) in the central hall of mc² use the principle of color coding and the principle of correlation to give the visitor accurate information about where he or she is.

The major navigator is visible at some distance from the retail center.

The major navigator is double-surfaced to cover both entrances of mc².

To define the best position of the navigator, we used life-size dummies

The slim profile navigator does not block the view between the halls

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