Metro Cash and Carry price tag design

Task: to create clear and informative price tags.

At a retail store a product usually has one price. In large wholesale centers however the cost depends on many factors: it will be different for consignments of different sizes and the price tag needs to contain this information. Some goods can be bought only starting from a certain number of units, others only in packs of several pieces. Often it makes sense to buy based on the volume in order to eventually buy more and pay less. Price per item also needs to be displayed as it helps in calculations. And of course there is also product name and barcode!

An elegant solution to the problem that takes into account all the technical limitations and allows to fit all information on a small medium was found by the studio’s designers.

metro cc cola

Information on price tags is presented as a table graphically showing the dependence of price on quantity. The amount of information does not affect the structure of the price tag which remains constant for all types of products.

metro cc price
Even the most complex data is laid out logically and neatly

The media actively uses the store’s corporate typeface in various sizes. All for the single purpose of making clients understand: buying more is always profitable. The primary details are always given on the left. As the eyes move right, the importance of information decreases.

metro cc lamp
A single glance is enough to make the decision to buy

Often, similar products are located close to each other on the shelf buy are sold in packages of different volume. The price differs too, of course. Which is when the second column in the price tag, price per item (or per unit of volume or weight in case of liquids or weighed goods), becomes helpful.

metro cc ikra
Regardless of the number of price variations, the best price is always shown in the same place

The bottom right bar is colored black on price tags of products sold in packages

metro cc lak
Information for store employees is placed above the black bar. It does not obstruct the details that are important to everyone

Goods on sale are marked with conspicuous red price tags.

metro cc wine

A special format of price tags was created for densely laid out products. They take up less space but contain as much information as the regular ones.

metro cc gum
The price tags clearly reflect sales mechanics

The new principles of marking prices are intuitive for customers, save time spent shopping and convey the message that buying wholesale is cheaper.

metro cc final 2

artistic director

art director

  • The studio wishes to thank Margarita Makzhanova, Andrei Markin and Natalya Loza for their help with the project

  • Prices on photographs are shown for illustrative purposes only
Made in 25 days
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