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Task: to create a new logo while preserving historical roots.

Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO) is the main social, economic and liberal arts university in Russia. The School of International Business and Business Administration prepares international managers for work in Russia and abroad. Students and alumni especially value the academic community, the student “family” uniting people with similar interests and life goals.

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Recently, the School has transformed its approach to teaching, presentation and interaction with students. A logical continuation of the internal changes was the fascinating refresh of the logo.

Cyrillic and Latin versions

First, we studied how students, their parents, alumni and faculty perceive the current image of the School and the reasons they chose it. Next, we analyzed the positioning and identity of top international business departments at universities around the world and identified the main features that are used to attract young people: collaboration, diversity, practice, innovation, freedom, excellence.

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The text part consists of two inscriptions, completely different in character. The abbreviation of the name is rendered in wide, massive symbols that demonstrate the stability of the professional community and unambiguously speak about the status of its participants. The caption is more classical. The width of the letters and the “academic” serifs indicate that the School belongs to a scholastic environment with rich traditions.

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The logo is moderately bold, yet not glaringly expensive. It does not contain unnecessary details and quotes the canonical image of an open book. The logo of the School that was founded in the early nineties looks fresh and modern.

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As a result, the logo successfully unites different eras in an elegant and unconventional way.

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