Minakov Nedvizhimost logo

Task: to design a logo for a real estate agency that works with unique apartments in Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg districts are a total joy:
Petrogradka is wonderful, and just look at Vasilievsky Ostrov!
And somewhere in them there are dream apartments,
That’s what Minakov looks for (and finds!)

The owner is a bright character
And a serious professional.
And in the logo is a suit and a flashy tie
With the M, his initial, overlaid on top.

minakov 01

And since we’re talking about Saint Petersburg,
One can easily see
The silhouettes of open bridges in the sky
And facades covered in maiolica.

minakov 02

All of this is a sign: now dream apartments
Come true, just like sweets in childhood.

minakov 03

art director

project manager

Made in 23 days
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